There are three major facts about our universe, crucial for our ability to make the Quantum Leap. First, the universe is 93% energy (various waves from finite to infinite), and 7% particles. But even particles are simply the concentrated energy. Second, the universe is holographic. This means that the universe is contained entirely in its every matrix point. Third, there is the structural identity on all the levels of the universe – from the micro levels to the macro levels.

Our ancestors expressed the holographic principle as the identity of the macrocosm and the microcosm. We can learn the laws of the universe by learning the laws of the human genome. And we cannot make the Quantum Leap without using the full potential of our genome. That is why genetics is a focal point of the Quantum Leap. The present-day genetics can explain only 2% of genetic material, considering the rest to be the “Junk” DNA. We are in crucial need for the new theory of genetics, which would help us unleash the full potential of our genome. I call this kind of Genetics “The Bioholographic Structuralist Genetics”.

Bioholographic Structuralist genetics is quantum biocomputing which operates the geometical codes. Quantum biocomputing is the true nanotechnology. Because the universe is 93% energy (various waves from finite to infinite), and 7% particles, and even particles are simply the concentrated energy, the nanotechnology is truly possible only on the wave level, including the infinite waves.

More precisely, the nanotechnology is only possible through managing the non-local wave matrices or bioholograms. We can manage bioholograms through their structure or geometric code. Changing the geometric code of wave crystal changes its function. The same wave matrix changes its function via changing its crystalline structure. For example, water can have either electret and collect charge, or be a semiconductor and pass the charge on, depending on its crystalline structure.

We cannot manage a biohologram through just one specific frequency, since the biohologram contains the infinite number of frequencies. That is to say that the quantum biocomputing is not about frequencies, the bioresonance or scalar waves.

The attempt of expanding our knowledge of the universe via search for smaller and smaller subatomic particles in particle colliders is absurd, since matter is divisible to infinity.

There are no particles; there is the integral torsion or torus inside every unique wave matrix. There is no negative or positive charge in particles, since the charge is simply the change of the spin of one integral torsion or vortex, which creates polarization. The change of spin creates a negative cover around the wave matrix, which allows for the reflection of any entering signal upon itself to create a standing / scalar wave.

Because the universe is holographic, every matrix is essentially a non-local wave matrix, i.e., it instantaneously and simultaneously exists in the infinite number of dimensions. Since matter is divisible to the infinity, there is the infinite number of frequencies, particles, and fields, all co-existent in one and the same matrix.

This means that the ultimate information signal is holographic. We cannot record and transmit the holographic signal by some singular particle, frequency, or field, but need to master the holographic structure of a matrix in order to become capable of making the Quantum Leap.

Our bones are capable of producing stem cells in bone marrow, only because our bones have the same shape as laser tubes aka Kosyrev mirrors.

Because the universe is holographic, there is the structural identity between universe, society and man, including human genome – on all levels from micro to macro. The same laws govern a galaxy and a cell in a human body.

Each matrix is the systematic whole. The systematic whole is a coherent structure, based upon the teleological principle. The teleological principle states that order is absolute, and chaos is relative, and that order is its own purpose (telos, t????), with no other purpose above and beyond.

Quantum physics is essentially the analytical philosophy, based upon the a priori principles (self-evident principles given before any empirical experience), since it is impossible to empirically experience the infinity.

Chaos is self-destructive in virtue of definition. It is a self-evident truth that had the universe been the absolute chaos, it would have destroyed itself. Also, we have empirical proofs that the more coherent structures exhibit more efficiency.

For the Quantum Leap, size does not matter. The transmission of information between the infinitely large and the infinitely small parts of the systematic whole depends not on the medium of transmission and the spatio-temporal parameters, but on the structure of the transmitting code.

There is no time and space in the Quantum Nonlocality. The size of the holographic structure is irrelevant. We do not need huge fields of HAARP antennas in Alaska to control weather, and we can control weather with a small tabletop laser with the internal Kozyrev mirrors, because lasers with internal Kozyrev mirrors are capable of recording and transmitting the holographic signal. When the correct structure of the holographic signal is reproduced, the transmission of the holographic signal is instantaneous, and independent of time and space.

Only the holographic signal can record and transmit the information of the holographic universe, including the human genome. It is enough to master the principles of the holographic structure in the DNA to become capable of managing the galaxy.

The systematic wholes of our galaxy, planet, society and man (with human genome), from the galactic and planetary scale to the molecular, atomic, and subatomic scale, have thoroidal structure. In other words, each systematic whole is a torus. Torus is not a wave structure; Torus is a holographic structure.

There are two kinds of the Torus: spherical torus, and crystalline torus. The spherical form of a torus is its absolute form, uncreated and indestructible. As a spherical wave structure, torus pulsates from the infinitely large to the infinitely small scale. The spherical form of the torus has no boundaries, and is the unity of the mutually opposite attributes.

When human sleeps, his or her wave matrix has the form of a spherical torus. That is why, in their sleep, humans can perceive of themselves as living in different epoch, having different age and gender, or even living in the inhuman form.

When humans are awake, their wave matrix is in the form of the wave crystal, which is limited in comparison with the spherical form of the torus. Wave crystal is how the spherical torus manifests itself in a specific dimension. Wave crystal acquires boundaries, and the number of its attributes becomes finite. Wave crystal gets localized, and liable to the physical laws of the specific dimension.

Nonetheless, the wave crystal has the unbreakable connection to the zero field of the universal hologram through its zero center. Wave crystal is expressible by the polarizational holography of the geometric optics. In other words, the wave crystal is the infinitly-dimensional geometric structure.

The zero center is the focus of the wave crystal. The zero center is achievable through the process of polarization via reflection, and via the process of refraction in the diffraction grating from the larger dimensions towards the smaller dimensions (from the molecular scale towards the atomic and the subatomic scale, to the infinity).

Though limited to the specific dimension, the wave crystal of the torus preserves its infinite component. In the wave crystal, the information is received and transmitted through its zero center.

The violation of the structural coherence results in the degeneration of the system, be it galaxy, planet, or genome. For example, the violation of this principle by the modern genetic engineering results in the transformation of food into the biological weapon of depopulation.

Genetically modified food combines beneficial genes. But their arbitrary combination produces harmful effect, because it is done without respect for the geometric structure.

Analogously, the increase in the structural coherence (geometry-wise) results in the more efficient systems, be it planet or genome. For example, the wild horse (so called “Przewalski’s horse”) has much worse characteristics than the domesticated horse, both in physical qualities and the ability to learn commands.

The “Przewalski’s horse” and the domesticated horse have absolutely identical DNA from the biochemical point of view. And the only difference between the “Przewalski’s horse” and the domesticated horse is that their homological genes (genes that have the same function) have chromosomes, which have different geometrical structure in the wild horse and the domesticated horse.

The wild horse has acrocentric chromosomes. And the domesticated horse has metacentric chromosomes. The difference between the acrocentric chromosomes and the metacentric chromosomes is in their geometric structure.

The chromosomes consist of two chromatids, combined together in the x-form and, so, having the swastika-cross shape. The two chromatids intersect in the center, where they exchange their genetic material. The acrocentric chromosome has the center, which is not symmetrically removed for the same distance from the two ends of the chromatids. In other words, in the acrocentric chromosome, one end of a chromatid is longer than the other end of the same chromatid. The outcome is crucial, since such a geometric shape does not correspond to the laws of the geometric optics. Such a geometric shape literally cannot get the focus of the zero center.

One can compare this geometric shape of the acrocentric chromosome to the shape of the myopic eye, which gets the focus off the retina, and so cannot properly function. On the contrary, the metacentric chromosome has the center, which is symmetrically removed for the same distance from the two ends of the chromatids.

In other words, in the metacentric chromosome, one end of a chromatid has the same length as the other end of the same chromatid. The outcome is crucial, since such a geometric shape does indeed correspond to the laws of the geometric optics, and such chromosome results in the proper function of the entire organism.

This example is a proof that organisms are getting information (the holographic signal) via the zero center of their wave crystal, based upon the laws of the geometric optics. If the laws of the geometric optics are violated, the organism cannot get the focus aka the zero center of its wave crystal, and, so, cannot get the holographic signal. This accounts to the inability to get the essential information for development and functioning.

As a result, such out-of-focus organisms exhibit malfunction and degradation. Consequently, any genetic engineering of the more functionally efficient organisms is possible only along the way of achieving the more coherent geometric structures of chromosomes.

It is apparent that if we will be able to achieve the more coherent geometric structure of human chromosomes, we will be able to produce a super man with enhanced abilities without the need for cutting and pasting genes from the extraordinary human specimens.

And in fact, apes differ from humans in the same way as wild horses differ from domesticated horses. Genes in apes, which are homologous to specific human genes, differ from human genes only by the structure of their chromosomes. Human chromosomes are metacentric, while the homologous genes in apes have acrocentric chromosomes.

The same is true of humans with Down syndrome. Human cells have 46 chromosomes, consisting of two sets of 23 chromosomes from each parent (i.e., twenty three pairs). Each cell divides in the ovaries to create the egg cells during mitosis. Each egg cell has 23 chromosomes. The same happens to cells producing sperm, so that each gamete of the sperm has 23 chromosomes. Either in egg, or in sperm, the 21st chromosome can cause the Down syndrome. In healthy humans, the 21st chromosome divides. But sometimes, due to age, stress, disease or medication, the 21st chromosome does not divide.

This results in the split of 46 parental chromosomes into one set, which, let’s say, has 22 chromosomes, and the other set, which has 24 chromosomes. This means that one of the eggs (or sperm) have two of the 21st chromosome, which are stuck together, instead of just one. That is, one of the eggs (or sperm) has one extra 21st chromosome. After sperm combines with such an egg, this results in three 21st chromosomes, instead of healthy two 21st chromosomes.

Humans which get extra 21st chromosome, get Down syndrome. Humans with this extra 21st chromosome have biochemical misbalance. For example, they have extra hormone production in their brain, which prevents them from the normal development of intellect.

Modern medicine exhibits the total lack of understanding of why the 21st chromosome sometimes fails to divide during mitosis. Only the structuralist genetics is capable of explaining this malfunction. The reason is that the 21st chromosome is acrocentric. This implies that this chromosome is initially structurally defective. Because it lacks the proper geometric structure of the crystallized torus, the 21st chromosome is incapable on its own focusing the zero center of its wave crystal. As a result, it does not get access to the zero energy through the zero center/focus in order to divide. That is, it fails in its function.

But the most important in the case of the 21st chromosome is that, in healthy individuals, the 21st chromosome does indeed divide in a proper way. This can be explained only by the phenomenon of the structural phantoms.

In the systematic whole, every its part is functionally necessary for the existence of the whole, and the existence of the whole is functionally necessary for the existence of its every part.

The functional necessity is cemented structurally (geometrically), based upon the laws of actuality and potentiality. Some parts can be still potential, i.e., not yet actualized. Nonetheless, the potential parts of the wave crystal are needed for the focus / zero center of the wave crystal as much as the actual parts of the wave crystal.

I call the potential part of the wave crystal as the structural phantom. Quantum biocomputing operates with structural phantoms. That is, in quantum biocomputing, we do not transmit information per se, but its structural phantom.

Specific structural phantom literally materializes in the wave crystal, changing the geometrical structure of the wave crystal in a specific way. The change in the geometrical structure has crucial consequences for the biochemical contents (e.g., resulting in the quality and quantity of produced hormones).

So, in the case of the 21st chromosome, the structural phantoms of the other, metacentric, chromosomes, produce such an influence upon the 21st chromosome, that it becomes capable of normal chromosome division. The acrocentric chromosome in strong individuals gets tuned to the zero centers of the metacentric chromosomes, while the 21st chromosome itself structurally lacks the ability to focus its own zero center/focus, i.e., the ability to produce its own spherical torus, and then crystallize it into the wave crystal.

There is the unity of cosmos, society (polis) and man. Damage to the individual man is damage to the society and damage to the cosmos. Damage to the cosmos and damage to the society is damage to the individual man. Egoism is as pathological, as totalitarianism.

The violation of the unity of cosmos, society and man would lead to the destruction of the human civilization on this planet. Unjust society is as damaging to cosmos, as evil man is damaging to society.

That is why the unjust society has no opportunity for survival, and would be destroyed by the cosmos in the same way as every evil man will be destroyed by the society and his own negative Karma. Negative Karma is man’s own structural code that is not yet time and space specific.

There is no division into science and politics, ethics and aesthetics. Genetics is the battlefield for the just society.

The interdependence between the part and the whole, and between the parts manifests itself not only in the biochemical, electro-magnetic or any other linear relations of particles, waves and fields, but also in the structural interdependence between the part and the whole, and between the parts.



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