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Lily “Earthling” Kolosova first hit the scene in 2014 with her series of videos and interviews with leading Researchers after her profound revelation of Earth’s Timeline that corrected itself in 2012. This correction supplanted the Matrix False Timeline that was operating since the downfall of Atlantis. We as humans are still experiencing the after effects of the False Timeline/Mind Control System. However, the hidden war against human consciousness has been served a deathblow.

This video provides a quick overview of her previous videos and prepares the viewer with a sneak peek into what’s coming up in 2017 and beyond. This is an introduction to her new video channel and her new series of videos coming, of which this is the first, where she and us will delve deep into an exciting renaissance of the Wild Wisdom Warriors. These are the Earthlings who are assisting and in alignment with the continuation of the Earth’s correct timeline as part of the overall Divine Intervention in progress.

The KEY revelation in the present as Lily explains, is the Domino Effect - when the first domino tilts and falls, it knocks down all the others. Bad domino's knocked down all over the place surely creates a mess, but luckily the Clean Up Crew – US – in tandem with Earth itself, can restore both Earth and Humanity to its original design where Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness runs supreme globally.

It’s an exciting time to be alive and it’s refreshing that Lily is about to bring forward a new series of topics tied into what’s happening now without pulling any punches. This wisdom is long over due, but we are thankful that it has arrived. It is now time for humanity to reveal our Power, Freedom and Creator Self. And the truth shall set you free.

The Aquarian Age has begun. Now in 2017! Human Beings, as Universal seeds of expression, have sprouted and blossomed into their “true” selves. They are the Wild Wisdom Warriors. Wild, in that they are attuned to the Earth and now Sky. Natural in that their roots are anchored into the Earth and their possibilities for expansion are as unlimited as space itself. They are living aspects of Source Creation able to express themselves fully as free loving sovereign beings. Wild Wisdom Warriors broke out from the false Matrix Timeline Construct through their divine wills and they are both pioneers and liberators.

In this video, episode 1 of her new Wild Wisdom Warriors series, Lily Earthling Kolosova reveals how the False Matrix Timeline has been deconstructed and supplanted by the correct Organic Timeline. Lily will provide clues as to what is coming up and the reality that it’s an exciting time to be alive. Because of the Organic Timeline in place now, the Wild Wisdom Warriors can transform their minds and become conscious creators of reality as opposed to being slaves to a false reality and false programs designed to manipulate and control.

The Wild Wisdom Warriors, in alignment with Source Creation and the Earth herself, have teamed together as part of the Divine Plan, to unlock the jail room door for all other brave souls to exit if they choose to do so. Now is the commencement of a long anticipated golden age!


In this new episode of Lily Earthling Kolosova’s exciting new Wild Wisdom Warrior series, Lily reveals some new developments including but not limited to: an overview as to who are “the Revealers” of the Aquarian Age, Earth’s correction timeline as it relates to the Matrix deconstruction process unfolding, how some alternative communities are running false “direct disclosure” topics, how the ancient Gnostics relate to today’s Techno-Spirituality construct and much more.

If your intent is to aid the Earth during its correction timeline, as well as, empower yourself as you travel down the Wild Wisdom Warriors path, you won’t want to miss this fantastic episode. Please share with your friends and we welcome your questions and comments. Thanks!




Accelerate Into Awareness time, folks. Lilly Earthling Kolosova shares her profound insights into what’s happening with the Earth Correction timeline that has gone into full effect in the Spring of 2017! The Hive Mind false timeline is in full disintegration bringing to humanity, the long awaited arrival and calling for total freedom and creative expression. The cartoonish reality has been canceled. Sorry, Matrix disciples. Game over. Gone are the days of lies, deceits, manipulations and control programs holding humanity back from its destiny.

Drawing from Lilly’s and her associate’s recent discoveries within the Living Source records and their own intuitions, we have now entered unprecedented times. Earth and its “Living Source Beings” – YOU – have taken the wheel and the course is set in the present for humanity to finally express and create life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as never seen. So buckle your seatbelts as it’s going to be a fun and beautiful ride as it was originally intended and designed. Joy has returned for all the emissaries of Source Creation. Smiles on. Laughter. And a whole lotta love!

In this video, Lily not only reveals the Deception, but cracks it wide open as only the truth can for all Wild Wisdom Warriors. As the layers are peeled back, the Gnosis can be found and the shackles are broken allowing humanity to ride the exciting new wave of freedom!

As in Part I, Lily not only reveals the Deception, but cracks it wide open as only the truth can for all Wild Wisdom Warriors! And now in Part II, Lily reveals how "the control freaks" try their best to have you only focused on the external '"false reality." But we are Wild Wisdom Warriors, yes? It's now time to destroy the illusion - wipe it away clean. From this new awareness and vantage point, we, the human race, are Source Creation in form! Freedom is assured. It's a piece of cake.


Many people are both fascinated and concerned for the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse that will occur on August 21, 2017. Lily looks into it and extracts some vital information that may allow the Wild Wisdom Warrior to stand strong in the eye of the hurricane of deception.

A revelation could occur stating, “That what divides us will be revealed for the Earth Correction to progress as planned.” Through our own individual empowerment, we can assist the planet and each other in the deconstruction of the Matrix that is unfolding. This event is a signpost, a clue. The KEY is to purify your mind, body and spirit so as to be anchored in your being. Detoxify the deception by your own determined purification!

In this part of the ongoing Wild Wisdom Warriors video series, Lily reveals her and our path of recharging our empowerment by stepping into our inner Spirit; post the Solar Eclipse that occurred last August 21.

By standing strong in the center of the storm we not only witness, but step into the ever-evolving human consciousness gift. So stand strong in your universal Intelligence Field. This is your true self. You are a creator being! Know it. Own it!

Becoming “Self Aware” IS your birthright. This is the time to take responsibility for your gift of SPIRIT and act accordingly.